GM Discovery Color OS v1.3 Stable

Başlatan Tekyürek, 05 Eylül 2016, 23:58:22

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I will not be responsible if you Brick your device or any problems whatsoever.Flash At Your Own Risk.

Use stock kernel General Mobile Discovery(Gionee Elife E3)


Update V1.3 Change Log:

Uptade lib,bin,firmware,vendor,etc.(Based on General Mobile Discovery stock rom v6718)

Revision boot.img

Revision Logo.bin

Added Swype Oppo keyboard (Settings>Language & input> untick after tick activate keybord and selected default keyboard.)

    Enabled A-GPS by defaut. --- tomaten
    Add "Auto record calls" function in call settings, you can assign contacts to auto start call recording with them. --- chazy
    Fixed the issue that when trying to view details of a call log the contacts app crash with the message "CONTACT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED" under Portuguese language. --- Not Fixed
    Add the function to turn off data network automatically when the screen is off. --- Invalid
    Added the function to double tap the home button to lock the screen, now you need to long press on the Menu button to enable task manager. --- TRespecT
    Updated the system strings, including English and all other languages. --- Murakh
    Fixed the issue that power on sound cannot be turned off. --- charlie2alpha
    Fixed the issue that when using Bluetooth headset the phone may lost service. --- Marcio Santos
    Fxied the issue when logging in email under Japanese language the email app may crash.
    Fixed the issue when creating a new message if you are trying to add recipient from call log the contact app stop working.
    Other bug fixes and improved the system stability

İnit.d Support and revision tweaks

Fm Radio Fixed

Full Gapps(/Data/app)

Added Dirac EQ

Ringtone Select Fixed

More avaible RAM


Sory, I have a bad english.

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Flashing Instructions:-

1) Download the zip file

2) Put into external/internal sd card

3) Go to CWM recovery

4) Wipe data/factory reset

5) From advance menu do dalvik cache clear

6) Go in mount and storage select format system

7) Select install from sd card and select file GMD_ColorOSv1.3_Linklerin Görülmesine İzin Verilmiyor. Uye ol Veya Giris yap

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  • Linkback: GM Discovery Color OS v1.3 Stable

    • Android version: 4.2.2
    • LCD Driver IC: 1-hx8389_dsi_vdo_qhd
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